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My DeviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 9:44 PM

This seems like a fun thing to do and I do need to prove I'm still active on my dA (well okay I should be posting art here but oh whatever). I have been on deviantART for almost eight years and a lot of my artistic growth, the friends I have made, and communication is thanks to this site. While this site has changed a lot (I can't say for better or for worse), but deviantART will always be a special place in my heart for the memories I have made here.

I joined deviantART all the way back in August of 2006.  Although a lot of my art has been deleted, do you want to know what my first submission was?
Look at this ugliness by nrwynter
This ugly piece of shit. I drew this when I was thirteen years old. And this isn't even a character I thought up. It was some antagonist from some okay-ish manga. What's worse I just eyeballed one of the manga's covers.  But I would draw and upload to deviantART almost every day for three years, just stuff like this. But you know what? They're right when they say all you have to do is keep drawing everyday.
And just for the hell of it, let me show you how my art has progressed within a eight year time span.
2006 - 2007 (My MS Paint Days):
Ruby and Osmond by nrwynter  When pageviews mattered by nrwynter So Edgey by nrwynter  Me Using a Wapanese signature by nrwynter
All I had was a scanner and Ms Paint (plus Corel Painter for a while). Sometimes I would use stock images from Google and use it as backgrounds and whatnot. Or I just make really bad backgrounds in Corel Painter.
2008 - 2009 (I had Photoshop, but I hardly used it):
How to ruin characters by nrwynter This series was pretty stupid by nrwynter Some Gaiaonline Christmas Avatar by nrwynter Zodiac Nightmare by nrwynter
As the title states, I had Photoshop but I never really posted any Photoshop paintings because I would never finish them. During this time I mostly used Photoshop for simple edits.
2010 - 2012 (Heading Towards the Dark Ages):
Magician of Mirrors by nrwynter Malevolent Calamity by nrwynter  Charming Little Red Devil by nrwynter Old Majora's Mask Fanart by nrwynter The World Is Mine by nrwynter A Thing I never Finished (I'm terrible) by nrwynter
I am still using traditional media, but I have started to use Photoshop a lot more. But during this time only a hand full of stuff was completed and that gradually stopped near the end of 2012.

I don't have anything worthy to showfor last year because it was a very "dead" year for me, creative-wise. I was very active up until 2009 where I suddenly stopped posting as much as I did. And until this year, I posted my last 100% complete piece of art back in 2010. Times were tough during 2011 - 2013. I was finishing up high school and entering my first year of college. I then developed anxiety and depression that crippled me where I stopped making art all together. 2014 is my grand return with pieces such as these;
The Last Petals by nrwynter Paint Practice 1 by nrwynter Isra In A Sweater by nrwynter

I have switched to Tumblr as my main source of posting art, but I plan of posting more art here. I hope I will continue to grow as an artist, meet new people, and hopefully get myself out there.

As a bonus, here are some old and new comparisons of my OCs.

 Isra (2012) YIKES by nrwynter Early 2013 by nrwynterMid 2013 by nrwynter Late 2013 by nrwynter Isra (2014 Design) by nrwynter
Kyroh 2012 by nrwynter Kyroh 2012 with color by nrwynterKyroh Late 2013 by nrwynter Kyroh-Character-sheet by nrwynter
Hailey 2012 by nrwynter Haile-ref-2013 by nrwynter Hailey (2014 Design) by nrwynter
(Well okay Hailey's might not be the best one to show design-wise, but I guess gradual improvements in art will do?)





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